What resources are available to support mental health issues, what is the pathway for assistance, and how is this assistance communicated? What mental health positions were added in this FY 2020 budget?

Question#: 16


A variety of resources are available to support mental health issues with students.  These include individual and group supports with the school counselor and/or psychologist; consultations with students, staff, and families; and assessments that are completed by the psychologists.  Counselors, psychologists, pupil personnel workers, parent community coordinators, and English for Speakers of Other Languages transition counselors also can refer students to the Montgomery County Crisis Center and additional outside agencies for mental health supports as well.

If a student is in need of assistance, the student initially can contact the building administration and/or the school counselor for support.  At the beginning of the school year, the school counselors attend orientation and meet with the students to introduce himself or herself and explain the supports that are available in the school.  Information about available supports are available on the MCPS website including the Office of Student and Family Support and Engagement (OSFSE) Resource Guide.


Trainings will be added to the Parent Academy schedule to provide additional information for families. Three additional OSFSE psychologist positions and 11 counselor positions were added in the Superintendent’s Recommend Fiscal Year 2020 Operating Budget.