Do we connect families with outside non-profits or county agencies for counseling services?

Question#: 2


   Yes. Students and their families may be connected with the following non-profit or county agencies when there is the need for counseling services:

  • The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
    • Linkages to Learning
    • The Crisis Center (for short-term, emergency counseling until more permanent therapeutic relationship can be established with another provider)
    • Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health
    • Outpatient Addiction and Mental Health Services
  • The Tree House Child Assessment Center of Montgomery County (they work exclusively with children and families to reduce the effect of trauma and to promote healing for child victims of abuse).
  • Advanced Behavioral Health (counseling often is court-ordered or required by Child Welfare Services and, to facilitate service delivery, counseling may be provided onsite at school to students)
  • EveryMind (formerly the Mental Health Association of Montgomery County).
  • Identity, Inc.
  • Family Services, Inc.

In addition, with the new restructuring of the Office of Student and Family Support and Engagement, pupil personnel workers (PPWs) and parent community coordinators (PCCs) meet regularly to discuss student and family cases and strengthen the referral process and management of transitions and supports for students who are referred to county services.