What are the duties and responsibilities of focus teachers and academic intervention teachers and how are staffing allocations made?

Question#: 35


Focus teachers are allocated only to elementary focus schools. A school is considered a focus school when its student population does not meet the level of poverty that would qualify for Title I designation, but does have a high level of poverty. The focus teacher provides direct instruction to students, usually in small group settings, and provides interventions depending on the needs of the individual school. In some cases, focus teachers are used to lower class sizes for instruction for a specific content area, usually mathematics or reading. The formula for allocating focus teachers is based on the percentage of students identified as FARMS eligible per school and is weighted for enrollment so that schools with higher FARMS and higher enrollment receive more staffing than schools with lower FARMS and lower enrollment. Because both FARMS and enrollment are formula factors, schools with high FARMS but lower enrollment are still staffed with focus teachers, but not at the same level as a school with the same FARMS but higher enrollment.

Academic intervention teachers are allocated to elementary, middle, and high schools regardless of their FARMS status. Academic intervention teachers work directly with students in an instructional setting. They perform small group instruction in elementary schools and are used in secondary schools to create additional sections of courses allowing for smaller class sizes for specific classes. Academic intervention teachers provide interventions and work with students who have been identified as needing additional support. The positions are allocated by community superintendents based on school and program needs. Community superintendents are allocated positions based on a formula which factors poverty and enrollment for their cluster schools. The positions are then allocated to specific schools based on the individual needs of schools and each principal’s plan for the use of this position.

Attached are the job descriptions for the focus and academic intervention teachers that provide detailed information on job duties and responsibilities.