How many overhires do we have (title, category, cost)?

Question#: 31


An overhire is a position that is not budgeted but has been authorized for the current year only unless other resources have been held to offset the cost.

Currently there are 5.3 overhire positions. Of these, 3.0 have been added to the FY 2013 budget. In Category 1, there is a .5 administrative secretary I positionat a cost of $26,830. In Category 2 there are 2.0 supervisor positions that areauthorized but not budgeted for FY 2012 and the cost is approximately $244,000. In Category 3 there is a .8 paraeducator authorized but not budgeted at a cost of $32,600, as well as 2.0 consulting teacher positions at a cost of $132,906.

A Position Management Committee made up of staff from the Office of Management, Budget, and Planning; Office of Human Resources and Development; and the Employee and Retiree Service Center meets every other week to review position data, ensure that proper procedures are followed with regard to hiring, and ensure that personnel transactions are performed in an accurate and timely way. Staff in the Department of Management, Budget, and Planning also conducts a comprehensive review of position data which is shared with the Chief Operating Officer as part of the monthly financial monitoring process.