How many MCPS staff are allocated vehicles and at what cost?

Question#: 29


Currently, there are 27 MCPS employees that have assigned vehicles. The purpose of the assigned vehicles is operational in nature, and employees have 24-hour/day responsibility for responding to emergency situations involving inclement weather, security, and building maintenance.

MCPS usually purchases vehicles under a master lease arrangement which is a cost-effective way to finance the acquisition of vehicles.Based on current average vehicle prices, master lease interest rates, and a 5-year lease payment schedule, the averagecostfor a vehicle is$26,707and thetotal costis $721,090 for the 27 vehicles. The current year lease payment on vehicles is $85,089. Since MCPS usually keeps vehicles for at least 10 years, the annual averagecost for 27 staff vehicles is $72,109.MCPS is responsible for maintenance on these vehicles.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, employees that take vehicles home as part of their job are required to reimburse MCPS for commuting expenses.