Given that we are opening a new school and that we have rising increases in the number of students eligible for FARMS and receiving meals in school, please discuss the proposed reduction in Chapter 6 on pages 121-122 (reducing two cafeteria worker positions by .5 FTE). Is there a cafeteria worker position allocated for the DCES #29?

Question#: 25



The FY 2013 Recommended Operating Budget for the Division of Food and Nutrition Services (DFNS) includes an overall reduction of a .5 position. The reduction is a result of realigning several positions within DFNS to align the budgetwith actual position needs.However, the reduction to the budget does not have any impact on cafeteria worker positions.In fact, as a result of the position realignments, there is an increase of a .5 cafeteria worker I (9-month) position and a .5 cafeteria worker I (12-month) position. In addition, position realignments include an increase of a .75 cafeteria manager position and a .5 cafeteria worker I position for the Downcounty Consortium ES #29.