The budget on Page 1-23 identifies a reduction to the High School Plus program. Please provide the cost of the program and enrollment numbers for High School Plus over the past two years and explain how the reduction will impact the number of students we can serve. Is data available on what the cost was for the last year that night school operated?

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The chart below shows the enrollment, budget, and actual/projected expenditures for the High School Plus program, including the Twilight program, for FY 2010 through FY 2013.

Enrollment & Budget for the
High School Plus Program

(including the Twilight program)


FY 2010

FY 2011

FY 2012

FY 2013







Actual Expenditures












The FY 2013 recommended budget for High School Plus is $1,289,219, a decrease of $219,841 from the FY 2012 budget.  As indicated in the chart above, actual spending has been lower than the amount budgeted.  Based on the projection for this year, the amount budgeted for FY 2013 still leaves funding available for growth in the number of students.

The High School Plus program enables students who have failed courses to retake the courses for credit recovery.  The classes meet beyond the school day typically for 100 minutes per day, two days per week.  Students may take only one course per semester or no more than 2 courses in a school year.

The High School Plus program benefits the students it serves as it offers small class sizes and student-focused instruction. In FY 2011, over 60 percent of the students enrolled in a High School Plus course obtained credit through the program. 

The cost of the last Evening High School Program in FY 2007 was $1,185,334.  This amount included costs for administrators, substitutes, special education paraeducators, media specialists, ICB costs, and employee benefits.  If the same program were to be implemented in FY 2012, taking into consideration compensation changes since FY 2007, the cost of the program would be $1,342,659.