Staff has advised the BOE that MCPS would undertake a comprehensive look at various 12-month positions to determine which, if any, should be reduced to 10-month positions. Is this specific proposed reduction being recommended in the context of this budget review? What is the status of that larger review?

Question#: 16


A workgroup was formed this fall to review 12-month positions to determine if any should be changed to 10-month positions. The workgroup included each union’s executive director, other representatives from each employee organization, and MCPS staff. The workgroup implemented a process to review positions and gather input. This process included developing criteria and two stages of reviewing positions, an initial review to decide what positions would be excluded and a secondary review to gather data on the remaining positions.

During the initial review, a total of 1,082 different jobs were considered (182 administrators and supervisors, 79 MCEA other professionals, 49 MCBOA supervisors, and 772 supporting services positions). This resulted in a narrowed list of 145 jobs (11 administrators and supervisors, 68 MCEA other professionals, 3 MCBOA supervisors, and 63 supporting services positions) to be reviewed using identified criteria.

As a result of the second review, a list of positions was moved forward for consideration and further study by the Associations, Deputy Superintendent, and Chief Operating Officer Committee (ADC). The ADC has reviewed the positions and is currently discussing next steps. It is important to note that the review of the positions did not include meeting with individual employees who are in these positions. Supervisors and directors provided data, and job descriptions were used as a source. Before decisions can be made, the impact of the potential changes for employees, including salaries, must be considered. Also, if decisions to change work schedules are made, it will be essential to develop transition plans to minimize impact on employees.

In the FY 2013 Recommended Operating Budget, there is a reduction of 2.0 instructional specialist positions and a corresponding increase of 2.0 10-month central office teachers for Alternative Programs. This recommendation was reviewed by the committee and the committee agrees that the change is appropriate.