On page 1-16 (Enrollment Changes) it states that there is a decrease of 1.6 classroom teacher positions due to a projected decrease in enrollment of 36 middle school students. By contrast, on page 1-23, it states that there is a reduction of .1 classroom teacher position due to a projected decrease in enrollment of 60 high school students. Please explain the reason for the difference in number of reduced positions given that there is a greater decrease in high school enrollment.

Question#: 4



While it is logical to assume that changes in enrollment impact position changes in the same manner for all levels, there are some factors that impact only the calculation for high schools. One factor is that the calculation for classroom teachers is based on the enrollment of general education students as well as special education students included for 80 percent of the day (LRE A students). Another factor is that the high school calculation includes an additional calculation for Grade 9 enrollment in the Downcounty Consortium (DCC) based on those class sizes. In addition, in high schools, adjustments are made for inclusion of LRE B and LRE C students. Also, the FY 2012 staffing formulas were adjusted slightly for FY 2013 to address increases in class sizes that were a result of budget cuts in FY 2012. As a result of these factors, although the overall enrollment decrease for high school students is 60, there is a reduction of only a .1 classroom teacher position.