On page 154 of the Program Budget, 3 Consulting Principals and 33 Consulting Teachers are listed. What are their current caseloads?

Question#: 64



There are two consulting principals who both have caseloads of 11.  Currently, one position is filled by acting consulting principal who has a caseload of 4. 

There are 29 consulting teachers (CTs).  The caseloads of the two lead CTs are less because they also support the CT team. The average caseload of the remaining 27 CTs is 21.3.  Four CT positions are added in the Superintendent’s Recommended FY 2014 budget.  The additional positions will reduce the current caseloads per-consulting teacher to 18.5 assuming that the program serves the same number of underperforming and novice teachers as FY 2013.