Please justify the 1.0 supervisor position in the Office of the Deputy Superintendent for Teaching, Learning, and Programs, to oversee the collection and analysis of data on intervention programs. Why can’t this work be performed by the Office of Shared Accountability?

Question#: 40



For FY 2014, the position of interventions supervisor is added in the Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Teaching Learning and Programs (OTLP) to strategically integrate the system intervention work.  As part of the effort to close the achievement gap, the position will coordinate the collection of data regarding interventions currently in place in schools.  This is a considerable effort in that schools employ many different programs and strategies to help struggling students.

The data will help staff understand what programs and strategies are working in schools, what additional resources may be required, and what resources may need to be redirected to improve student success.  The position will optimize the integration of the interventions work across offices and will ensure that there is collaboration between OTLP, the Office of School Support and Improvement, and Office of the Chief Operating Officer.

The interventions supervisor will build the systems, structures, and mindsets that support, enable, and lead to effective support of all students, clarify our definition of interventions, and personalize all learners’ needs through effective data usage and a collaborative team approach.