Please explain the funding sources for the Math Implementation Team, as described on 4 - 7? Specifically, clarify the use of the Pearson Entrepreneurial Activities Fund, as referenced in Chapter 8, since Chapter 8 - 14 states that the 2 instructional specialists will be funded through realignment from substitute teacher salaries. In addition, in the event that the i3 grant is not extended, how will the 3 instructional specialists be funded?

Question#: 36



The chart below shows how the Mathematics Implementation Team is created in the budget.

question 36 chart

The Mathematics Implementation Team consists of 8.0 positions. A 1.0 coordinator is realigned to a 1.0 director within the Office of the Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instructional Programs (OASCIP). In addition, 1.0 instructional specialist position is realigned from the Department of Enriched and Innovative Programs, and a 1.0 administrative secretary is realigned from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction to the team in OASCIP. The Pearson Entrepreneurial Activities Fund in the Office of the Chief Operating Officer (page 8-12) includes 2.0 instructional specialists created through a realignment of $220,000 from substitute teacher salaries.  In addition, it is assumed that the extension of the Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) Grant will fund an additional 3.0 instructional specialists. This is a non-budged grant and the positions do not appear in the operating budget.

If the request to extend the grant is not approved, other resources may need to be identified to support this program enhancement.