The student/teacher ratio, on page 1-4, for physical education, art, and general music, projects an increase to 489:1 for FY 14 from the 486:1 ratio projected for FY 13. Please explain the rationale for this increase.

Question#: 30



The art, music and physical education teachers are budgeted and allocated based on the number of classroom teachers in the school.  A full-time art, music, or physical education teacher can teach five sections per day, and 25 sections in a week.  Each section runs 35 to 50 minutes. The number of art, music, and physical education teachers MCPS budgets and allocates to each school is based on the number of teachers needed in each school. The student/teacher ratio for these teachers fluctuates each year depending on the distribution of students from school to school.  A change of three students represents three students throughout the week, or a .1 change in the average class size.