The table on page 4-2 indicates that we are adding 18.49 positions to the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs. Please provide additional detail. Reading through the chapter it appears we are adding 8 positions for math implementation and 22 for ESOL. I cannot make the numbers add up.

Question#: 21



The follow chart shows the change in positions by department in the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs (OCIP) which account for the additional 18.49 positions.

There are a total of 8.0 positions realigned to create the Mathematics Implementation Team. The chart above shows that only 2.0 positions are realigned to create 2.0 positions for the team. In addition, a 1.0 coordinator is realigned to create a 1.0 director within the Office of the Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instructional Programs. There is no net change in the number of positions in the Office of the Associate Superintendent of OCIP; therefore, this realignment does not appear in the above chart.

The Pearson Entrepreneurial Activities Fund in the budget of the Office of the Chief Operating Officer (page 8-12) includes 2.0 instructional specialists created through a realignment of substitute teacher salaries. In addition, it is assumed that the extension of the Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) Grant will fund an additional 3.0 instructional specialists. This is a non-budged grant and the positions do not appear in the operating budget.