“Program Efficiencies” indicates that MCPS will no longer purchase materials for Leveled Reading Kits and READ 180 so that “individual school allocations will be used to replace these materials as needed”. Please explain. Will there be a commensurate increase in the individual school allocations? Do some schools have more students using READ 180 and will therefore have a greater impact on their individual allocations? There is also indication that MCPS will no longer support Triumph on-line SAT/PSAT preparation services—are these free to our students through College Board or will students now have to pay?

Question#: 20



During FY 2010 through FY 2013, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (DCI) in the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs made extensive purchases of Leveled Reading Kits and READ 180 to build school inventories for these programs.  Since schools have adequate inventories of these materials, DCI is able to reduce its department budget and the assessment budget for FY 2014 by $193,559.  During FY 2014, schools will use individual school allocations to replace materials as needed.  DCI will continue to provide support and professional development to schools implementing both programs, and will continue to allocate READ 180 licenses to secondary schools based on student enrollment in the program.

The preparation services for SAT/PSAT are free on the College Board website.  In addition, the ACT website provides free preparation services.  Both websites are currently being utilized by MCPS students allowing for the reduction of $98,000 for Triumph online services.