In FY13, MCPS made a decision based on limited resources and staff capacity, to delay expansion of the SIPPI program (noted at 4-17). When is it expected that we will be ready to expand SIPPI and what resources will be required?

Question#: 18



In FY 2010 and FY 2011, 31 elementary schools participated in a pilot of the Student Instructional Program Planning and Implementation (SIPPI), a streamlined process for Grade 2 global screening, course placement, and articulation. In FY 2012, based on the rollout of Curriculum 2.0 in Grade 2, a decision was made to delay expansion of SIPPI. In FY 2013, elements of SIPPI are being phased into all elementary schools and are being rolled out as SIPPI Phase I. Phase I is the upgrade to the global screening process.

In FY 2014, SIPPI Phase II, a further expansion, is planned. SIPPI Phase II will include an electronic tool that will monitor student instructional programming using “real-time” data and will be an integrated component of the ES-Articulation program in myMCPS.  Resources for the development of Phase II SIPPI are included in the work plan of the Office of the Chief Technology Officer.