In FY 2012, MCPS increased the number of full day Head Start programs from 17 to 18 due to full enrollment. In light of the growing demographic of preschool students, please explain whether consideration was given to another expansion, and if not, why not?

Question#: 17



Currently, the Division of Title I Programs (DTP) provides supplemental funding for the afternoon portion of existing Head Start programs in all Title I schools with Head Start classes.  The full-day, six-hour program is in its sixth year, and serves 360 federally-eligible children in
18 full-day Head Start classes that are located in 16 Title I schools. If there is a change in the designation of Title I schools, and these schools have a Head Start Program, then these programs can be increased to full-day programs. There are Head Start programs in non-Title I schools, but these programs cannot be expanded to full-day since Title I funds cannot be used in non-Title I schools.