Provide more detailed information on the plan for the implementation of the math accelerator.

Question#: 25


On February 2, 2017 the superintendent sent a memorandum to the Board of Education describing the plan for mathematics.   The memorandum including the following:

The driving factor in preparing the budget is maintaining successful practices that have led to strong student achievement in past years and investing in new strategies to ensure all students are able to achieve at high levels. Our work in mathematics must focus on both of these areas.   While MCPS has obtained positive results for many students in mathematics, the results are uneven. Our plan must address the gaps in opportunities and discrepancies in achievement.   The data are telling and will drive this plan.  We must intensify efforts to close the opportunity gaps and ensure academic excellence for all through implementing a plan that is comprehensive in nature. It will explore current effective practices, research findings, and program evaluation in conjunction with system data.  We will consider how to mobilize and redeploy current resources as well as how to utilize additional resources identified in the budget. 

After careful consideration I have asked staff to begin this work in the following way:

  • Initiate a program evaluation/audit to assess current practices, structures, and programs.
  • Perform detailed data analysis to identify effective practices and programs in MCPS.
  • Convene a team of internal and external experts including practitioners, principals, and leading experts in the field of mathematics instruction to study best practices and research in order to identify a program and system vision for mathematics.
  • Develop an implementation plan, using the above information, to include staffing, professional development, scheduling, instructional practices, assessments, materials, and curriculum. This plan will include a timeline and metrics for evaluation as well as a schedule for reporting to the Board.