What percentage of parents take advantage of the PEP home visit component part of the program? How often do visits occur?

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Students in Preschool Education Program Intensive Needs Classes (PEP INC) currently attend school for 3 hours per day, 5 days per week.  Additionally, families have the option to receive monthly parent/guardian education sessions known as home/community consults, or home visits.  A 1.0 FTE special educator teaches one 3 hour class section, Monday through Friday and during non-instructional hours provides parent/guardian education sessions, as either a home visit or at the child-care center the student attends.  In addition, teachers are assigned countywide special education responsibilities, including serving on central Individualized Education Plan teams and supporting Child Find clinics. 

Many parents/guardians are not able to, or choose not to, access parent/guardian education sessions, as they are at work during the teacher’s workday, often outside of Montgomery County.  PEP INC teachers also are limited in visits to child-care centers often due to the child-care providers’ schedule or limited interest in participation in this service.  In addition, families may have already participated in the Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers program, which is a home-based model focused on parent/guardian education and support.  

The chart below provides a snapshot of monthly data collected in October 2016, indicating that 63 percent of families received at least one individual home visit over the course of the month.  On average, each PEP INC teacher conducted one home or child-care center visit per week.

October 2016 Data from PEP INC Teachers

Number of teachers reporting data

Total number of PEP INC students enrolled as of October 31, 2016

Total number of students’ families who participated in individual home visits

Percentage of families that received an individual home visit

Total number of individual home visits across 32 sites for the month of October 2016

Average individual home visit per week per class







*Missing one report due to a vacancy