What SAT materials and support is provided to students? How are these resources communicated to the parents and students?

Question#: 17


School counselors, College and Career Information Coordinators, and AP coordinators share SAT registration and fee waiver information, inform students about college testing options, and plan annual school-based information events and nights. Flyers and other information from the College Board is shared on school websites, bulletin boards, newsletters, and other routine school-based communications. 
Review materials, website links, classroom guidance lessons, and school-based resources are provided to students each year in conjunction with the October PSAT offered to all students in Grade 10. Collegeboard.org provides sample questions for all sections of the PSAT and SAT. Students can also access Khan Academy resources, an online resource through Naviance, that provides multiple tutorials and sample problems for students. There also are a number of other College Board resources available to students for free that can be accessed through their College Board account or delivered to their home.  Once a student takes an assessment, students are notified via e-mail and their scores are readily available to view.  
In addition, SAT materials and support are provided through the high school College Test Prep (CTP) course.  CTP instructors use a variety of curriculum materials, online resources, and teacher developed materials to provide targeted individualized student support. 
For socio-economically disadvantaged students, College Board provides free resources for college planning that are communicated via e-mail, U.S. Postal Service, or College Board accounts.  For example, they provide the following:

  • Registration fee waivers for up to two SATs
  • Registration fee waivers for up to two SAT Subject Test administrations. Students can take up to three individual SAT Subject Tests on a single test day.
  • Four limited-time score reports plus four to use at any time
  • Four college application fee waivers
  • Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) or Student Answer Service (SAS) if ordered at the time of registration (QAS and SAS aren’t available for SAT Subject Tests.)
  • A fee reduction for multiple-choice score verification or essay score verification
  • Coverage of the SAT Essay if you are an SAT School Day tester whose school or district covers only the SAT but supports essay testing
  • Coverage of the non-U.S. regional fee for fee-waiver-eligible U.S. students who are testing abroad
  • Up to eight College Scholarship Services/Financial Aid PROFILE® fee waivers to use to apply online for nonfederal financial aid from colleges, universities, professional schools, and scholarship programs