What supports do we provide small elementary schools unable to provide two classes per grade level?

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There are numerous ways that a teacher receives support when he/she is the only teacher in a grade level at school.  These include the following:

  • The Instruction Center in myMCPS provides online resources that teachers can access and utilize.  These anytime/anywhere “just-in-time” electronic resources include instructional materials and professional development opportunities. There also are opportunities for teachers to post and share resources electronically.
  • Staff development teachers, reading specialists, and media specialists support teachers by helping them plan and by providing other supports such as coaching and professional development.
  • Central office instructional specialists including curriculum, ESOL, special education, and technology specialists are available to provide consultation and support as needed. 
  • In some cases, quad- and quint-clusters are arranging opportunities for teachers to meet together to share best practices and resources using the substitute time provided for collaborative planning.