What is the rational for reducing the administrative positions at Poolesville High School?

Question#: 12


The rational for reducing the administrative positions at Poolesville High School is based on the K-12 Budget Staffing Guidelines for FY 2017, which are as follows:

  • Assistant Principal Positions:  2.0 FTE per school.  Schools projected to have more than 1,800 students receive a third assistant principal position.  If a school has a coordinator position, subtract 1.0 FTE from assistant principal position allocation.


  • Magnet/Special Program Coordinator Positions:  One each for countywide magnet programs at Montgomery Blair and Poolesville high schools, and the International Baccalaureate Program at Richard Montgomery High School.

For FY 2016, Poolesville High School had two assistant principal positions and one magnet coordinator position, but the projected enrollment for FY 2017 was 1,209 students.  Therefore, the FY 2017 staffing allocation for administrative positions at Poolesville HS needed to be aligned with the K-12 Budget Staffing Guidelines.

For FY 2017, Poolesville High School is aligned with the staffing guidelines with one assistant principal position and one magnet coordinator position.   Both the assistant principal and magnet coordinator positions are school administrators.