Provide data on the number of substitutes that are bilingual.

Question#: 8


Of the 2,878 Montgomery County Public Schools substitute teachers, 772 participated in our recent survey on languages spoken. A total of 226 substitute teachers indicated that they could speak one of the 50 languages other than English. Sixteen people chose the option “Other” to indicate that they knew a language that was not listed in the survey. A further break down of the 226 employees is below:

  • 48 people indicated that they speak Spanish
  • 77 people indicated that they speak two other languages
  • 26 people indicated that they speak three other languages
  • 7 people indicated that they speak four other languages
  • One person indicated that s/he speaks 7 other languages (Arabic, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, and Other)

We are continuing to analyze the recent linguistic survey data, and will be making additional efforts to gather data on employees who have not yet responded to the survey.