Do schools have any flexibility in reallocating staff and resources to enhance teaching and learning in their classrooms? e.g. eight period day requests, school registrar at Blair High School? If not, why not? Please provide specific information as to the available processes for any such reallocation

Question#: 21



Schools have some flexibility in terms of how to use allocations to support programs and enhance teaching and learning.  As noted in the response to Question 5, the work related to college transcript submission is not the sole responsibility of the registrar.    Each high school has several positions allocated to support the work including the college/career information coordinator (CIC), the registrar, the counseling secretary, and other secretarial positions.   However, there are times when schools trade or reallocate a position.  This occurs when it is determined that the work cannot be distributed among existing resources and that another existing resource is not required at the level it is allocated. In the case of Blair High School, the first step is to look at the existing resources and determine how the workload can be distributed.  If the workload cannot be distributed among the existing resources, the next step would be for the school to determine the type and frequency of the work that remains and conclude if another existing resource could be “traded” for a position that could do the identified work. 

In the case of scheduling, schools must use the existing process included in the MCEA contract to change their schedule.  Although schools are permitted to “trade” staffing to meet the need, the trade must follow requirements including Board of Education class size guidelines and contractual guidelines for release periods. For example, a school cannot use existing staffing to create a schedule where teachers teach four classes and the class size exceeds guidelines.   Any change from the standard seven-period schedule where teachers teach five classes must meet the requirement established in the MCEA contract.