What are class sizes in secondary schools?

Question#: 5


The attached tables provide the following information for class sizes in secondary schools:


This data is pulled from the first day of the second semester.  After staffing is allocated to the schools, school teams make decisions about course offerings based on course enrollment tallies.  Each school makes decisions on the number of sections for each course based on the school’s priorities and available staffing.  For instance, if a high school has 34 students requesting AP World History, the team will decide if they will have two classes of 17 or one class of 34.  Also, larger class sizes may be preferred in electives such as chorus or instrumental music in a school.  Since students enroll based on their preferences and required credits, the numbers will vary from school to school.  Student course tallies rarely fall exactly on the class size guidelines. Schools will have some courses above the class size guidelines, as well as some below the guidelines.  Because this is data from the first day of the semester the numbers will change as students adjust their schedules during the first weeks of the semester during the drop/add period.