The proposed budget projects an enrollment increase of 2,721 students and includes 75 positions to increase individualized services for special education services. In the current budget, there was a projected student enrollment increase of 2,336 students and included 95 positions to serve special education students. Please explain why the proposed special education staffing increase is less than last year’s proposal when the enrollment projection is greater.

Question#: 18



The number of staff budgeted to serve students with disabilities is determined based on the number of students projected to enroll in the various special programs, as well as the staffing ratios and service models established for those programs.  Also, the location of the programs through the county is considered.  Additional staff is required when it is necessary to open a new site to limit the time students must be transported.  Detailed staffing information by program is provided in the FY 2015 MCPS Special Education and Related Services Budget Guidelines shown on Page 16 in Appendix E in the Superintendents Recommended FY 2015 Operating Budget document.