Please explain why 5.3 academic intervention teachers were realigned from the middle school budget to the elementary school budget in the current FY 2014 budget, which continues into the proposed budget?

Question#: 16

BUDGET PAGE REFERENCE: Chapter 1-3 through 1-17


In prior years when schools were organized by clusters with each 4-5 clusters reporting to a community superintendent, academic intervention teacher positions were allocated to community superintendents based on the educational load of all schools within each cluster.  The positions were then allocated based on plans submitted by schools, and the position allocations by level were different than the number budgeted by level.  The academic intervention positions were adjusted in the budget to reflect the distribution of the positions among the three levels.  In short, the change reflects how the positions are being allocated.   Each year the positions will be adjusted if the educational load is redistributed between the three levels.