Provide additional information on the data in the response to Question 18 that shows why only 54 percent of the students were accepted to four-year colleges/universities.

Question#: 60



The college acceptance data presented in the response to Question 18 reflects self-reporting by seniors before graduation from high school, as collected in an anonymous survey conducted by AVID. According to the survey, 50 percent of AVID students responding at Northwood and Rockville high schools indicated plans to attend a two-year college.

Other factors also impact the college acceptance data. Nearly 70 percent of AVID students at the two high schools qualify for Free and Reduced-Price Meals Services. School staff members report that students whose families have limited financial resources typically plan to live at home while attending college, and because of college application fees they often apply to only one four-year college or university. These students, therefore, typically apply to the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP), with the plan to attend Montgomery College if they are not accepted at UMCP.