For positions such as those listed in Appendix C on page 5 have we considered using school need as a factor rather than enrollment?

Question#: 55



Staffing allocation information for positions such as secretaries, paraeducators, media assistants, financial specialists, registrars, and career information coordinators is found in the FY 2016 Superintendent’s Recommended Operating Budget on Page 5 of Appendix C. The current staffing formulas allocate these specific positions based on either 1.0 per school or by enrollment.

The workload of these positions is impacted by a variety of factors. For example, the number of students applying to college and the number of parents who call to ask questions may impact the workload. In reviewing each position, we explore and gather input on the types of factors that impact the workload and the type of work performed. An important factor is that those employed in the positions have their own perspective of the complexity and quantity of the work. Those employees in small schools view their needs in relationship to that small school setting, while those in large schools view their needs based on a large school perspective. Another factor that is taken into consideration when determining how to allocate positions is how the allocated resources meet, or in some cases do not meet the needs of schools, keeping in mind that there is most always a desire for more, and that some constituents are more active than others. Staff tries to balance individual interests with a larger system view. While the specific formulas found on Page 5 of Appendix C do not factor in need versus enrollment, there are other formulas that are adjusted to address need. For example, formulas for classroom teachers, alternative program teachers, assistant school administrators, focus teachers, academic intervention teachers, focus paraeducators, ESOL paraeducators, and special education paraeducator positions all take need into account.