How do we allocate funds to purchase music, physical education, science/lab, and art supplies and materials?

Question#: 52


Instructional materials are purchased centrally when new curriculum is implemented or when new textbooks are selected. For example, in FY 2013, when the new music and art curriculum was implemented in elementary schools, MCPS spent a total of $963,000 ($759,000 for music and $204,000 for art) for textbooks and software for those content areas. Science kit materials for elementary schools also are purchased centrally. Science kit purchases are approximately $525,000 per year. In addition, schools are allocated textbooks, media center materials, and instructional materials funds on a per pupil basis. Schools identify their needs and select textbooks and materials to be purchased from the approved materials and textbooks lists. Program supervisors in content areas approve recommended textbooks and create guidelines for materials in art, music, physical education, and science. Schools use the guidelines to identify how their funds will be allocated across content areas and classrooms. In addition, equipment replacement purchases and repairs for musical instruments, science equipment, physical education equipment, and art equipment are handled centrally each year based on school needs and identifying where replacements are required.