Provide data to show how many schools have administrative support staff that speak Spanish fluently.

Question#: 48


The Office of Human Resources and Development does not currently track data for all employees in schools who provide administrative support that speak Spanish fluently. However, through the SEIU negotiated agreement, there is a program where unit members may receive a pay differential for interpreting. In order to be eligible, the unit member must pass an oral language examination to receive a stipend for interpreting in their school setting. Currently there are 56 staff members who have passed this exam. When someone applies for an administrative support position on MCPS Careers, the applicant can indicate if they speak more than one language. When the hiring manager reviews their profile, the languages spoken are part of the information.

We are currently working to identify a way to integrate the applicant's language spoken fluently reported in the Applicant Tracking System into the Lawson HRIS system.