Alternative Programs → Referral to Alternative Level 2 Process

Referral to Alternative Level 2 Process

When a school Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) team identifies a student in need of additional alternative education supports beyond the home school Level 1 program, they should conduct a meeting to determine whether or not the student could benefit from a Alternative Level 2 Program. When considering a referral to a Level 2 program, the CPS team must ensure the following:

  • The student has participated in the school's Level 1 students for a defined period of time (a minimum of one semester) in order to determine the effectiveness of the Level 1 interventions
  • The parent/guardian attends the CPS meeting
  • The pupil personnel worker (PPW) attends the CPS meeting
  • The team must consider authentic functional data/documentation that suggests that previous interventions have been implemented and progress has not been made.

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