Science & Engineering in Prekindergarten

What your child will learn

Play It, Weigh It, Say It: Children investigate a variety of changes including pouring together various colors of water, opening and crushing peanuts, and mixing a variety of items and powders with water. The activities take place in a mini-setting that the teacher sets up to represent a laboratory. The students use real laboratory equipment such as test tubes, goggles, and balances. The unit was developed by Montgomery County Public Schools.

Underground Connection: Children explore the world of growing plants. Through exploration centers on seeds, soil, and planting, children use the science process skills of observing, classifying, predicting, and measuring. Each center is designed to encourage children to manipulate, combine, and play with materials. Additionally the students explore their ideas and interact with peers. Activities provide a natural setting for integrating mathematics, language arts, social studies, fine arts, and multicultural experiences. The unit was developed by Montgomery County Public Schools.