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Exploring the Watershed Using Map and Compass

Students investigate the connection between forest health and water quality. Working in groups, the students observe the land of local watershed by conducting a field survey of the surrounding forest and riparian buffers.  Students use a map and compass to navigate through the watershed to their assigned survey locations. At the end of the lesson, students analyze their data to determine if the forest is in good condition to protect the water quality of the streams nearby.



Lesson Resources

These lesson materials are designed to supplement and refresh the workshops.  Teachers are strongly encouraged to attend a training workshop before teaching the exploring the watershed class. Teachers are encouraged to use the resources below, but are welcome to adjust them to fit the needs of their students and outdoor environmental education program.

Model Lesson on Video (youtube) - this can help the teachers review before teaching the lesson at their school's Outdoor Environmental Education Program. It does not take the place of attending an initial in-person training.

     Prezi on Exploring the Watershed

Exploring the Watershed Part 1: Overview

Exploring the Watershed Part 2: Map Use and Data Collection

Exploring the Watershed Part 3: Compass and Safety

Exploring the Watershed Part 4: Wrap Up and Evaluation


Suggested Indoor Alternatives:

 Sediment Sediment  (Bay Savers Game)

Alternative Navigation Activity with Maps

Tree Cookies