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Organizer Information for Residential Program

Google Classroom Code for Organizer Resources: wjey7h

(includes chaperone documents, stay back plans, journal idea, evening activities, inclement weather plans, history hike lessons for Skycroft)

Chaperone Information(updates in process)

Overnight Chaperones

  •  Spreadsheet for Overnight Adult Chaperone Candidates (List for fingerprinting to submit to Irma (Mimi) Carin)

 Daytime Only Chaperones

High School Assistants


Planning Info


Student Notebook/Journal

Outdoor Environmental Education Student Notebook/Journal(To create a journal specific to your school, contact your organizer for an editable version.)

An electronic journal is also available on google classrooms (Classroom code: wjey7h)




More Questions? Contact your outdoor environmental education coordinator or the L.E. Smith Center.