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 Environmental Education Resources

How to Become a Green School 

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation The largest conservation organization dedicated solely to  saving the Chesapeake Bay.   Their motto “ Save the Bay”, defines the organization's mission and commitment. http://www.cbf.org

The Chesapeake Bay Trust- Mission Statement:  To provide financial support for Marylanders to promote public awareness and participation in the restoration and protection of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. http://www.chesapeakebaytrust.org

The Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Education - MAEOE- Their mission is to encourage, train, and support Maryland educators to build a citizenry that understands and is responsibly engaged in promoting sustainability, addressing human needs and conserving the Earth's natural resources. http://www.maeoe.org

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources- For today and tomorrow the Department of Natural Resources inspires people to enjoy and live in harmony with the environment, and to protect what makes Maryland unique -- our treasured Chesapeake Bay, our diverse landscapes and  our living and natural resources. http://www.dnr.state.md.us

 Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection: The Residential Energy Program works with residents (students, teachers, and parents) to reduce energy use, switch to clean energy, and lower our emissions as a community, www.montgomerycountymd.gov


 The Maryland State Department of Education - MSDE Environmental Education Program


Bay Backpack Learn some creative ways to integrate the Chesapeake Bay and environmental issues into your classroom lessons.  

Audubon Naturalist Society GreenKids  

Trout in the Classroom - raise trout with your students in the classroom


Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation strives to promote the understanding and appreciation of the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.   

MAFE Careers Brochure- Provides a great insight into career opportunities from the United States largest employer and the number one industry in Maryland- agriculture!



Rainscapes Schoolyard Report Card  

Keep Montgomery County Beautiful - Montgomery County Department of Transportation - adopt a road, adopt a spot, storm drain stenciling

  Cornell Lab of Ornithology Yard Map -  a citizen science mapping project about habitat creation and low-impact land use.

Brickyard Educational Farm - field trips and excellent information

Montgomery County Food Council - local food issues

Fieldscope - information about your watershed from CBF and National Geographic

Project WET - worldwide water education

Project WILD  - connection students to wildlife

NASA Global Precipitation Measurement Teachable Moments- with NGSS connections!

WSSC in the Classroom  

Citizen Science- the ultimate resource - learn what it is and how to connect many CS projects.

Second Chance Wildlife Center Our mission: To facilitate the preservation of local wildlife through education, rehabilitation and referrals. http://www.scwc.org

National Schools' Observatory- great resource for Grade 5 Daytime Astronomy

NASA Space Place - interactive website for students and teachers