Greetings!    We are excited to announce Virtual Outdoor Ed for all 6th graders in MCPS.  Each school is scheduled for one week during this school year. The MCPS Outdoor Ed teachers and your school's staff will provide engaging and fun lessons that will focus on the ecology of our local watershed and how we interact with it. The theme for Outdoor Ed Week will be “Our Watershed, Our World,” and will address the very important question:  How do our actions and choices impact the health of our local watershed? 

Lessons co-taught by your school's staff and the Outdoor Environmental Education teachers will

  • Provide opportunities for students to safely learn outside and/or gather data from home

  • Engage students in observing their environment, collecting and analyzing data, and

  • Lead students in developing an Environmental Student Service Learning project

We want this week to be special knowing that it is not the full outdoor education experience of a non-pandemic year, but we are determined to provide the best virtual Outdoor Ed experience for your student! And its FREE! Thank you in advance for your support!  Virtual Outdoor Education Course Descriptions


Parent Graphic for Virtual Outdoor Education Program by Courtney Hebert