Software Access

Access to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching for Thomas Edison High School of Technology Network Operations students:

Access to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching for Clarksburg High School Network Operations students:


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get registered?

Your ITF Network Operations instructor will provide you with the necessary information to download software from this System. You may also contact the system administrator if you have additional questions.


How much does it cost to download operating systems and other Microsoft software?

Students of ITF Network Operations programs at Edison and Clarksburg High Schools are eligible to download software at no cost. Included among the software selections available to NetOps and Computer Science students are all currently supported Microsoft operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista.


What happens after I complete the Network Operations program? Will the software stop working?

Software that you have downloaded for educational purposes while an ITF Network Operations or Computer Science student is yours to keep. Once you completed the Network Operations or Computer Science program, of course, you will no longer be able to download new software. However, all operating systems and software that you received during the time you were a student are yours to keep. The software will continue to function on the computer on which it was installed.


How do I download software?

You must login before you are able to download. Once logged in you may select the product that you want to download from the products page. Click on the Get It button. You will be taken to the download page - click on the button to download and install your software.


Can I install my software on two computers at once?

Yes, as long as you are the owner of both computers and both are being used for instructional purposes. NOTE: If you require another key for a product you must contact your program administrator. Also, friends, family and colleagues not currently enrolled in a course that is part of an MSDNAA department are not allowed to access or use the software available from this website. (For examples of appropriate usage see MSDN Allliance Resources for Student)


I have a new computer now, how can I re-install my software?

You are allowed to install the software more than once based on the discretion of the program administrator and the software distribution method chosen.


If my download times out or I get disconnected, how do I continue my software download and installation?

If you were in the middle of downloading the software itself, there will be a shortcut icon saved on your desktop that will allow you to resume your download. Double-click on the icon to begin again. If you don't see the shortcut icon on your computer desktop, you can use the "Request Re-Install" function in the Support section.


Is the software permanently unlocked by the license (or "key")?

No - the key allows you to install the software once. Also, if you need to re-install the software, you will need to contact your program administrator.


What is e-academy?

e-academy is the company providing this distribution system, and the secure process for software downloads. For more information you can see their website at


Do MSDNAA products provide the same functionality as those available through the retail market?

Yes, a product obtained through the MSDNAA program offers the same functionality as a product purchased through the retail market.