39th Young American House Cornerstone Ceremony

Silver Spring, Maryland- At 5:00 p.m. on October 29, 2014 at 3718 Munsey Street, staff and students from the Montgomery County Students Construction Trades Foundation, business partners, school board members, and the Montgomery County community gathered together to celebrate the culmination of three years of education, skill, and hard work that went into the design and construction of Young American House 39. During the celebration, Foundations Program Coordinator Steve Boden shared with attendees an overview of the how the eight construction programs work in tandem in order to allow students to complete the majority of the work on the house and learn the technical skills needed in order to construct a residential house that meets industry and government standards, while appealing to consumers. 

Another highlight from the celebration was the student support from the program. Both current students and graduates  were present to share with attendees their experiences and how the Construction Trades Foundation (CTF) and their work with designing and constructing houses is helping them as they pursue post-secondary education. The student speaker, Grisel Munos, attended Thomas Edison High School of Technology as an Interior Design student and utilized a Construction Management Scholarship provided by the Construction Trades Foundation. Ms. Munoz elaborated on her experiences by saying that “through my involvement with the construction programs at Edison and Montgomery College, I have been able to establish myself in the construction field. I have made connections with business partners throughout Montgomery County and I have opportunities available to me from the connections that I have made from my involvement with the two programs.” Her experiences illuminated the importance of programs like the construction program and emphasized of the real-world experiences the completion of the Young American houses provides to students.

YA 39+ Placing Cornerstone

Pictured, left to right, Board of Education (BOE) member, Christopher Barclay, former Masonry student and current Masonry professional Tony Andalla, BOE President Philip Kauffman, BOE member Shirley Brandman, MCPS OSSI Director Debra Munk, and MCPS DEIP Director Ruth Green.

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