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Support to Schools

The ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) instructional specialists provide direct support to schools as well as professional development opportunities for ESOL teachers, regular education classroom teachers, special educators, and other support professionals and school-based administrators. Typical services in schools include:

  • Collaborate with school leadership to analyze instructional practices and provide feedback about effective strategies for making instruction accessible to English Language Learners (ELL) across content areas. 
  • Collaborate with school administration to support the ESOL instructional program. 
  • Provide support to ESOL teams in the schools regarding school-based ESOL instructional programs (e.g., scheduling, instructional models, instructional placement decisions, ESOL curriculum, and Grading & Reporting). 
  • Provide recommendations for supporting new teachers regarding ESOL grading & reporting, documentation procedures, curriculum, and instruction. 
  • Analyze ESOL data and discuss the relevance of these data to other achievement data. 
  • Collaborate with school and central office staff members to support professional development opportunities for non-ESOL staff members to make the curriculum accessible to ELL. Further supports are provided through periodic systemwide meetings and professional development, a series of "ESOL for Leaders Webinars," pilot projects, and information disseminated by means of an internal electronic bulletin board