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ESOL in Middle School

The English For Speakers of Other Languages program at the middle school level enrolls English language learners who require English language development instruction and orientation to a new cultural and academic environment. ESOL students receive daily English language development instruction from an ESOL teacher.

The amount of daily instruction varies according to the level of English language proficiency, with students at the lower levels of English language proficiency receiving the most intensive instruction.

  • Beginning students in ESOL Level 1 receive three ESOL classes daily. 
  • Beginning students in ESOL Level 2 receive two ESOL classes daily.  
  • Intermediate students in Level 3 and Level 4, as well as Advanced students in Level 5 receive one ESOL class daily.  
  • ESOL students at all proficiency levels have access to the general education curriculum in the core content areas of Math, Science, and Social Studies.  
  • The middle school ESOL curriculum is aligned to the WIDA English language development standards and the Common Core State Standards. The curriculum frames academic English by focusing on the academic language functions, language structures, and vocabulary that ESOL students need to master the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing academic English.