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ESOL Centers and Resource Teachers

Current ESOL Center Assignments

ESOL students in high school are served at one of nineteen centers.

School Attendance Area METS Program?
Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS Serves the Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS attendance area Yes
Montgomery Blair HS Serves the Montgomery Blair HS attendance area Yes
Clarksburg HS Serves the Clarksburg HS and Damascus HS attendance areas No
Albert Einstein HS Serves the Albert Einstein HS attendance area Yes
Gaithersburg HS Serves the Gaithersburg HS attendance area Yes
Walter Johnson HS Serves the Walter Johnson HS attendance area No
John F. Kennedy HS Serves the John F. Kennedy HS attendance area No
Col. Zadok Magruder HS Serves the Col. Zadok Magruder HS attendance area No
Richard Montgomery HS Serves the Richard Montgomery HS attendance area Yes
Northwood HS Serves the Northwood HS attendance area Yes
Quince Orchard HS Serves the Quince Orchard HS and Poolesville HS attendance areas Yes
Rockville HS Serves the Rockville HS attendance area Yes
Seneca Valley HS Serves the Seneca Valley HS and Northwest HS attendance areas Yes
Sherwood HS    Serves the Sherwood HS and and Northeast Consortium attendance areas, except for students who live in the Broad Acres ES attendance area No
Springbrook HS Serves high school students from the Broad Acres ES attendance area Yes
Watkins Mill HS Serves the Watkins Mill HS attendance area Yes
Wheaton HS Serves the Wheaton HS attendance area Yes
Walt Whitman HS Serves the Walt Whitman HS and Winston Churchill HS attendance areas No
Thomas S. Wootton HS Serves the Thomas S. Wootton HS attendance area No

ESOL Resource Teachers

The work of each high school ESOL center is led by the local ESOL resource teacher.

School Resource Teacher Phone
Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS Ms. Teresa Sammarco 240-497-6383
Montgomery Blair HS Ms. Debra Adler 301-649-2860
Clarksburg HS Mrs. Marianna Daddone 301-444-3000
Albert Einstein HS Ms. EunHee Cho 301-962-1032
Gaithersburg HS Mr. Chris J. Dowell 301-840-4718
Walter Johnson HS Mrs. Young O. Pahk 301-571-6941
John F. Kennedy HS Ms. Elizabeth Fuhrman 301-962-5946
Col. Zadok Magruder HS Mrs. Inae Ayer 301-840-4634
Richard Montgomery HS Mrs. Ann McCallum 301-279-8446
Northwood HS Ms. Kristin Ruopp 301-649-8290
Quince Orchard HS Ms. Cindy Villavicencio 301-840-4590
Rockville HS Mrs. Olga Ryzhikov 301-517-5522
Seneca Valley HS Ms Lisa C. Sprehn 301-353-8013
Sherwood HS Ms. Laura Bernard-Sánchez 301-924-3221
Springbrook HS Mrs. Ileana Enache 301-989-6069
Watkins Mill HS  Ms. Margaret Vanbuskirk 301-840-5302
Wheaton HS Ms. Judy Artman 301-929-2088
Walt Whitman HS Mrs. Sonja G. Maroni 301-320-6613
Thomas S. Wootton HS Ms. Carla Ingram 301-279-8507