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ESOL/Bilingual Advisory Committee (EBAC)

What is EBAC?

The ESOL/Bilingual Advisory Committee (EBAC) was established by concerned language minority community members to facilitate and increase communication between the ESOL office and the international community of Montgomery County. The members of the EBAC:

  • Serve as an advocacy group in matters related to English language learners;
  • Recommend program improvements;
  • Review materials for ESOL/Bilingual Programs;
  • Identify community educational concerns; and
  • Relate this information to the Board of Education.

Who is on the committee? Can I join?

EBAC is currently recruiting new members. Interested parents and concerned members of the community are invited to participate by calling the ESOL/Bilingual Programs Unit at 240-740-4090.

How can I contact committee members?

The members of the EBAC can be contacted by calling the ESOL/Bilingual Programs Unit at 240-740-4090 or by e-mailing Tamisha Sampson, ESOL Bilingual/Unit Supervisor at

Nominations for Teacher, Principal ESOL Awards

Nominations for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Teacher and Principal Awards are accepted each spring. The ESOL/Bilingual Advisory Committee (EBAC) will be presenting four awards:

  • Outstanding Teacher Award, which will be given to three ESOL teachers (one in elementary, middle and high school), who are not only excellent teachers but who also have helped students adjust to life in the U.S.
  • Principal of the Year, which will be awarded to one principal who has provided exceptional support to the ESOL program in their school.