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The College/Career Center provides extensive testing and financial aid information and assistance for researching careers and colleges. This information is available in various forms including books, CDs and computer online and software programs.

Table of Contents

Computer Search Systems: College and Career

Naviance Succeed is an excellent internet-based program designed to help counseling departments, students and parents navigate through the college application process. Naviance Student allows students to perform college searches, compare institutions, make contact with colleges in which they are interested, and view scattergram data showing acceptance statistics of previous graduating classes from their own high school. Students can also use Naviance Succeed to build a resume, summarize postsecondary goals, and keep track of their college and scholarship applications. Students can obtain the web address for Naviance Succeed and Naviance Student and their individual registration codes in the College/Career Center. Naviance Student provides students with a variety of features, including "About Me," where students can input personal and academic information to manage their portfolios; create resumes; develop game plans; view test scores; list colleges and careers of interest; complete personality tests and interest inventories; and maintain important journals and documents.