Summer Programs 2022!

MCPS is planning a wide range of summer programs for elementary, middle, and high school students in summer 2022, at no cost to students. Most programs will span the month of July, with the exception of high school credit courses and the Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) program in Title I elementary schools, which run slightly longer. Generally, in-person programs will take place in the morning, through midday. Afternoon programs sponsored by county and municipal agencies and outside providers will be available in selected schools. For more information, please visit the MCPS Summer Programs webpage or contact your local school.





Enrolled in a Title I elementary school

Extended Learning Opportunities 

July 6-August 5

In ParentVUE, beginning April 4.

Visit the ELO website or contact  your local school. 

Eligible for Extended School Year Services (ESY) through your child’s IEP?

Extended School Year (ESY), 

Individualized extension of specific special education services beyond the regular school year, based on a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

July 5 or 6-July 29

In Synergy submitted by the student’s case manager. 

Parent letters will be visible in  ParentVUE upon approval.

Contact your case manager, local school or email: 

Interested in earning high school credits through online courses offered by MCPS?

Central High School Summer Program

  • Repeat or Original Credit

  • All contents required 

for graduation and CTE

June 29-August 9 (three week sessions per course)

In ParentVUE, registration is now open. Deadline is May 27, 2022.

Visit the Central High School Summer Program, complete the Help Request, or contact your school counselor.

Interested in a program in your local elementary or middle school?

These programs will be tailored for students with the greatest need of mitigating learning disruption. The curriculum is designed to support students who need additional or repeated instruction in the major work of the previous grade level and/or are currently below-grade level in reading or math, with an emphasis on foundational skills. Some students may receive specific outreach from their local school based on need.

July 6-29

In ParentVUE, beginning around April 4 through May 27, 2022.

Middle schools may be sending additional registration information based on the program.

Contact your local school.

Interested in a program in your local high school?

Unique programs offered by local high schools, including selected credit-bearing courses, credit recovery, and non-credit enrichment programs. In-person and hybrid.

Window June 29-August 9 (1-3 week sessions)

Note: Online courses in core academic areas should be taken through the MCPS Central High School Summer Program

Registration information sent by the local high school. 

Contact your local school.


Other summer programs:

Please note that final summer program offerings will be dependent on enrollment, budget, and staffing. 


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