What to Expect (For Parents and Guardians of Middle and High School Students)

Middle and high school school students will:

  • Receive new content and assignments in all of their core courses and electives each week
  • Have opportunities to connect with and receive support from teachers during office hours, according to the local school schedule
  • Receive feedback from teachers on assignments
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Secondary Content

New content sent in the morning by teachers

All class periods, 1-8, pre-recorded for on-demand access for students


Student independent work, teacher planning and parent communication

Special education and related services, counselor and support services, school-specific schedule


Check-ins with teachers, according to the school-specific schedule of teacher office hours

In general, secondary students can expect to receive one to two meaningful assignments each week in each course and can expect to be working for up to four hours each day.

Please note that the total time students are engaged in learning activities will be determined by course level and the full range of assignments that students receive in all of their subjects.

Students can submit their assignments via Google Classroom, myMCPS classroom or email.

Although teachers will introduce new content and assignments for students to complete, it is important to remember that the work students complete and the feedback teachers provide during this time is not meant to replace the day-to-day instruction that students would have received at school.