Middle and High School Information

Continuity of Learning—Getting Started

At the middle and high school level, we are committed to providing continuity of learning for our students. This includes distance learning models that allow students to continue a scope and sequence for all courses for which they are currently enrolled, in a remote learning model for all students. The learning plan is designed to provide a phased-in approach over the next several weeks, in a way that provides both structure and flexibility for students, teachers and families. During our first week (March 30-April 3), our emphasis will be on helping staff successfully transition to this new model by:

  • Reconnecting with students as we all become familiar with this new method of teaching and learning
  • Receiving the professional development needed to deliver high-quality remote learning experience for students and
  • Developing plans to complete the third marking period

The first phase will focus on training and support for teachers and students on using the technology, and beginning the process of finishing the 3rd marking period. We are committed to taking every step possible to minimize the impact on students and to ensure that students have the opportunity to earn credits and our seniors are able to graduate. The learning plans will be designed to be student-friendly and promote the highest degree of fairness and equity in grading.

It is important to note that continuity of learning plans are not intended to mirror the exact time and schedule of a typical school day. Our remote learning model provides a blend of direct instruction and framing of activities; independent, self-paced work; live teacher support, checks for understanding and reteaching; and submission of graded assignments. This is to provide both structure and flexibility for students, teachers and families. We will build upon this work in phases as we all students, families and staff become familiar with the remote learning environment.

What to Expect: March 30 – April 3

During the first week, teachers will receive training on the technology platforms, collaborate with their school teams and reconnect with their students. During this time, students and parents/guardians can also participate in online tutorials to become better acquainted with the technology. Each teacher will check in with you and/or your student on Wednesday and Thursday through established methods such as email, Google, myMCPS, phone or other method that the class is using. This will set the stage for resuming work on assignments for marking period 3 and a more specific schedule the following week.

What to Expect After April 3

The weeks of April 6-8, and April 14-17, will be devoted to finishing marking period 3 and providing students with ample instruction, time and support to complete the third marking period successfully. We are committed to maximum flexibility and fairness in grading as students complete assignments for the third marking period.The learning model will include:

  • Teachers providing instruction in “live” and on-demand formats
  • Scheduled live check-ins with teachers for support and reteaching, as needed
  • Special education and related services

As schedules are finalized for April 3 and beyond, more information will be posted on this page.