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Technology for Students & Staff

The 45 Gude technology distribution is permanently closed. Staff and students who need technology services such as new Chromebooks, Chromebook repair, mobile hotspots, document cameras, etc. should contact their school.


Student/Family Options:
  • Contact school to request a device
  • Parent signature required on permission form - translated copies here.
  • Schools will request MiFi on behalf of the family. Requests are processed daily and can be picked up by school staff or delivered to the school for school distribution. Email confirmation will be sent on delivery data. Delivery turnaround time: 1-2 days.

REMINDER: One MiFi can support up to five students . We have a one device per family limit so we are able to provide to all who are in need. The MiFi device does not boost home internet; it is meant to provide internet service to those who do not have home internet options. MCPS Chromebooks are programmed to know the passwords and connect automatically. Directions here.


RETURNS: If a device is no longer needed it should be returned to your school.

REASSIGNMENT: If a device is reassigned from one student to another please send the info via email to Melissa Morrow so the checkout records can be updated. Provide the ID of the student who no longer needs the device, the long serial number from the box ending in F (or a photo of the box), and the Student ID of the recipient.

PERMISSION FORMS can be returned to Melissa Morrow

  • Pony: 45 W. Gude Drive - Suite 3500
  • Scan and email
  • Cell phone photo (front & back) and email

Device Damage

Physical damage (intentional or accidental) to a device will result in a financial obligation. There is no fee for device malfunction, software issues, or hardware failure.

  • Chromebook Repair Costs: See here
  • Chromebook Acceptable Use Policy: See here
    To dispute a Chromebook damage obligation, email with the student name, student id, and information about the damage and waiver request. The information will be reviewed by an appeal panel.
  • See Regulation IGT-RA (User Responsibilities for Computer Systems, Electronic Information, and Network Security) here.
  • Please see MCPS regulations about damage to MCPS property:
    • Regulation ECC-RA - Loss of or Damage to Montgomery County Public Schools Property
    • Regulation JNR-AB Collection of Financial Obligations

Device Troubleshooting

Chromebook: Chromebook Troubleshooting Guide

Special Ed laptop Troubleshooting Guide

MiFi: The MiFi device may need to be close to an outside wall or close to a window to receive stronger signal. If the device malfunctions, carefully remove the plastic back cover and remove the battery for 30 seconds, then reassemble. DO NOT press the reset button or the device will need to be returned to the distribution center for reprogramming. DO NOT call T-Mobile for support; they will also reset the device and it will need to be reprogrammed to be used again.

Student Accounts: Student Accounts and Access  

Technical Support Contact Info

Community/Family Support:

Staff Support:
OR open a ticket in ServiceNow
OR call the Help Desk 301-517-5800
M-F 7am - 5pm

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