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Community Conversations → Summary of Public Input →  2006 → October 12, 2006

Testimony from October 12, 2006 Forum

Thirty-seven individuals presented testimony before The Board of Education on a wide range of topics at the October 12, 2006 forum. Read the written testimony of those who spoke, listed in the order in which they appeared at the forum.

All files are in the PDF format and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view

  1. Mamie Albrecht—Individual 
  2. Jane de Winter—MCCPTA 
  3. Stephanie Aramayo—Individual 
  4. Francisco Cartagena—Individual 
  5. Preston Rico—Asian American Parent Advocacy Council 
  6. Deborah DeMille-Wagman—Whitman Cluster 
  7. Joan Karasik—Transition Work Group 
  8. Candace Kattar—Individual 
  9. Carla Satinsky—League of Women Voters 
  10. Beth lsen—Guidance Advisory Council at Whitman High School 
  11. Enrique Zaldivar—Upcounty High School Magnet Group 
  12. Amy Knobloch—Student, Richard Montgomery High School 
  13. Mark Adelman—Montgomery County Civic Federation 
  14. Teresa Jones—Wood Acres Elementary School PTA 
  15. Sharon Clink—lndividual 
  16. Marvin Weinman—Montgomery County Tax Payers League (no copy of testimony)
  17. Bonnie Cullison—President of MCEA 
  18. Susan Loftus—lndividual 
  19. Terrence McPherson—President of MCR 
  20. Heather Borsum—lndividual
  21. Sharon Barbee—lndividual 
  22. Linda Adelson—lndividual 
  23. Ellen Paul—lndividual 
  24. Haydée M. de Paula, Ph.D.—The Arc of Montgomery County 
  25. Brian Roberts—Montgomery County Education Forum 
  26. Diane McHale—lndividual 
  27. Michael Hagan—MCJC President 
  28. Adrienne Balanc—Member of Cresthaven/Roscoe Nix PTA 
  29. Lisa Carvallo—lndividual
  30. Yi-Chun Chung—Individual (testimony being translated)
  31. Nicholas Hurson—Individual 
  32. Corrina Shen—CCACC 
  33. Milena Garfield—lndividual 
  34. Victor Salazar—Maryland International Corridor Youth Violence and Gang Prevention Networking Group 
  35. Rebecca Newman—President of MCAASP 
  36. Merle Cuttitta—President of SEIU, Local 500 
  37. Elizabeth Gamero—lndividual 

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