How did MCPS decide on the 2019-2020 school year calendar options?

July 2018

MCPS Board Committee:

  • Reviews 2018 survey results
  • Reviews parameters of 2019-2020 school year calendar
  • Reviews guidance from state superintendent of schools

August 2018

MCPS Internal Work Group mets to develop initial calendar scenarios

  • Office of Student & Family Support
  • Office of Shared Accountability
  • Office of Curriculum and instructional programs
  • Office of the Chief Technology Officer
  • Montgomery County Association of Administrators & Principals
  • Montgomery County Education Association
  • Service Employees International Union

August 2018

MCPS begins focus group discussion with external stakeholders

  • NAACP Parents' Council
  • African American Student Achievement Action Group
  • Asian Pacific American Student Achivement Group
  • Chinese American Parents Association
  • Montgomery County Office of Community Partnerships
  • Student Advisory Council

Sept 2018

Board of Education policy management meeting Committee is updated on school year calendar development process and reviews two possible scenarios

CT/NOV 2018

Decision + Communication